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2022 Scarecrow Building Contest

Contest Setup Dates & Times 


The gate opens on Saturday, November 19th, at 3 pm. Sponsors can come to the ranch when gates open to begin their scarecrow building and or setup of the Scarecrow display. Setup runs from 3pm to 5 pm (the sun sets @ 6:41). After that there will be a private VIP party hosted by DDS4 Vets in the Blue Barn from 5pm till 8pm. This party is FREE to all sponsors of the event. 

More details can be found below.



4181 SW Boatramp Ave, Palm City, FL 34990

Contact David Office: 772-485-0089 Cell: 772-263-0225


Prizes & Recognition 

(People’s Choice Award) The public will decide on the winner of the Scarecrow competition on Sunday.


The winner will receive a Grand Prize Award Certificate for the Big Blue Barn venue. (price value of $8,000).


Those who signed up as a founding sponsor are eligible to enter the Scarecrow Building Contest for a chance to win a certificate for Pinterest Palace (price value of $3,500).


*NOTE: the certificate is only valid for available dates and must be approved by the Rockin H Ranch staff. The certificate is non-transferable.



The construction of the scarecrows must be durable, and all ornamentation securely attached as they may be subjected to severe wind/rain. No electronics, tiki torches, or other flammable objects may be placed on the Scarecrow. Rockin H Ranch reserves the right to remove any scarecrow that may pose a hazard. 


Armature & Design

  • Participants are responsible for the design, creation, and installation of their scarecrows. 

  • Participants are responsible for supplying all materials 

  • Rockin H Ranch will supply the posts in the ground to secure your scarecrow

  • Absolutely no sinking or placing anything for your scarecrow display in the ground without Ranch supervision

  • Participants should bring a method for attaching the Scarecrow such as clamps, zip ties, wire, and/or rope, etc.

Size Limit

Maximum height of 10 ft. Maximum circumference area of 8 ft. The entire structure should be the dimension of the Scarecrow. Your exhibit may include more than one figure but not more than three. 

Building or Delivery of Scarecrow

  • Participants may bring their scarecrow fully assembled or assemble on-site Saturday, November 19th between 3 pm and 6 pm (dinner and cash bar begin at 6 pm)  

  • Participants are responsible for clean-up around their scarecrow entry after construction.  



All entries are subject to limitations of space available as well as the standards of the display as established by Rockin H Ranch. The Rockin H Ranch Fall festival committee reserves the right to deny entry privileges of displays considered offensive. Scarecrows must be in good taste and not reflect any controversial/social/or political situations. Neither Rockin H Ranch nor their officers or employees will be held responsible for any injury or damage associated with the 2022 Fall Festival Scarecrow Contest.

It is understood that Rockin H Ranch and their officers and employees may use photographs of, stories about, and the actual scarecrow entries themselves and entrance names for publicity and promotion of the event.


Duration / Removal of Scarecrows

  • All scarecrow entries must remain on display from November 19th and 20th until the end of the event and must be removed no later than the end of day on December 3rd 

  • Entrees not picked up by the noted dates will become the property of Rockin H Ranch. 

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